About Us

Our History

St. Joseph’s School offers parents and students a unique alternative to those educational philosophies which exaggerate the importance of the purely technical and material. Staffed by teachers who are deeply committed to the formation of youth, St. Joseph’s provides a traditional Catholic education for students from kindergarten through high school.

In these days of standardization, when it is fashionable to quantify everything, it must be remembered that education is essentially a human process. The value of St. Joseph’s lies not in what it trains the student to accomplish, but in what it inspires him to be. Its academic program answers not the question “How much?” but “How good?”

The disciplined environment exists to develop and enhance the moral character of each student, forming independent, mature young adults with high ideals and noble desires. While stressing academic achievement, the school’s primary emphases are the Christian and moral virtues. Religion, therefore, is the most important subject taught at St. Joseph’s. Not only are students taught the basic teachings of the traditional Catholic Faith, but they are taught to explain it in a reasonable, logical manner and thus to promote it and defend it against those errors which are so prevalent in today’s world.

St. Joseph’s School is small by public school standards, but numbers have never spelled success. Smaller class size provides a more personalized student-teacher relationship and fosters a community spirit within the school. Students are provided with many opportunities to work together and cultivate the social skills and moral principles needed for success in the fast-paced society which confronts us today.

St. Joseph’s School is committed to the heritage of a traditional Catholic education. The youth we form today shall be the leaders of tomorrow. Providing a unique educational alternative in the life and development of youth, St. Joseph’s is synonymous with excellence.