About Us

Our History

What is attracting so many people of all ages and occupations to travel distances as far as 100 miles each way to attend Mass at St. Joseph’s? (Members come from the vast Metro Detroit area, Lansing, Pontiac, Ohio and Canada.)

What draws these people to St. Joseph’s and why do they feel at home here? Could it be the reverence shown in church, the silence and prayerfulness during the sacramental rites? Or is it the serenity of the stained glass windows, the lifelike statues, the marble pillars, the gold leafing and the beautiful altars?

The answer is all of the above. It is genuine Catholicism which is preached and lived by the dedicated and devout families, (young and old), who find peace here. At St. Joseph’s we remain faithful to the “old ways”—the Church’s doctrine and worship, tried and true, unchanged and unchangeable. We treat the Mass and Christ’s Body and Blood for what they are; the holiest thing this side of heaven. We preach only eternal truths of the Catholic faith—no feel-good stuff, no fuzziness, no ecumenical sell-outs.

At St. Joseph’s, you’ll see Mass celebrated in the ancient and venerable Latin rite, whose central prayers have been exactly the same since the days when our forebears in the faith emerged from the catacombs. As a Catholic you have a right to sound doctrine and pure worship—a right that no one, not even a bishop or a pope, can take away.

Experience the traditional Mass and Sacraments as they have been preserved throughout the centuries.