Parish Organizations


Laymen who assist in maintaining order in the church during Holy Mass and the Liturgy.

Mary Immaculate Queen Sodality

open to young ladies 13 years of age and older. They strive to imitate the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a special way, help with parish activities, and devote themselves to spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Parish Choir

for dedicated volunteers who can sing the chants and hymns for the Mass and other liturgical functions.

Altar Servers

for men and boys who treasure the unique opportunity to serve in the Sacred Liturgy.

Confraternity of CMRI

for men and women who wish to affiliate with the religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen as lay members, and strive for a Marian spirituality.

Confraternity of Christian Mothers

lay women who wish to develop a deeper spirituality, foster the role of Motherhood in the parish, and lead their families in practice of the Catholic Faith in the home.